Shapeshack at Labitat general assembly

We attended the general assembly at Labitat today and presented our idea about a 3D scanning, modeling and printing station.
We received a very warm welcoming and several of the participants expressed that they would be happy to help us with the technical and practical challenges involved in getting it up and running. 
In addition several people were happy to see architects in Labitat and the inherent potential in future collaborations.
The overall and postitve message was – ‘just do it’

Shapeshack Copenhagen

Hi fellow founders of our new prototype and shape making space.
The first meeting was held today at Labitat and we have decided to launch right away as a subgroup of Labitat.
Still working on the name I hereby propose ‘shapeshack copenhagen’?
The word plays on the meanings of – a shape, multiple shapes, a shack, and to hack.
(På dansk – en form, flere former, et skur og at hacke)